Why Us?

We are above all else, committed to Ethics, Professionalism, Rapport-Building and Confidentiality to maintain the highest candidate retention rates in the industry

In our nearly four decades of Technical GRC recruiting, we have had the pleasure of placing individuals with many of the Fortune 500's most recognizable names in Financial Services, Technology, Media/Entertainment, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Manufacturing based in the United States.

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Not All Recruiters Are Created Equal

We understand many people have had negative experiences from working with the wrong kind of recruiter.

Partnering with the RIGHT career coach who specializes only in YOUR field can instantly provide a wealth of knowledge relating to current market conditions, hiring trends and the corporate culture of your future company and GRC departments.

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What To Expect In The Process

We begin with an extensive interview process during which we gain an understanding or your career goals, both short and long term.

At Fenlon Hayward & Associates we strive to build sustainable, career long relationships. Our initial candidate intake is the most comprehensive handshake in the business.

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Fenlon Hayward & Associates

At Fenlon Hayward & Associates we understand how taxing it can be for hiring authorities and human resource representatives to identify, hire and more importantly retain the highest quality candidates in the GRC profession. These challenges continue to grow as the economy improves and the market becomes more candidate-scarce and competitive.

We also understand that as the job market continues to improve more generalist recruiting firms move into the GRC space and it can be hard to disseminate a truly specialized firm from one that may waste your valuable time. Every HR rep and hiring authority should thus take the appropriate time to qualify a potential GRC recruiting firm prior to opening up any job requisitions. The time spent will ultimately result in more time saved. We suggest the following questions:

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